Econ 325 – Final Exam Paper

Econ 325 – Final Exam Paper
Due Dates
Final Exam Paper Stage
Part 1: Report Decision of which assignment will be revised
Tuesday, May 3rd at 12:30PM
Part 2: Submission of brief description of expected plan for revisions and expansions
Part 3: Submission of a Draft of Final Exam Paper
Tuesday, May 10th at 12:30PM
Part 4: Submission of brief description of actual changes in the revisions and expansions in paper.
Part 5: Submission of Final Exam Paper
The final exam paper will be a revision of one of the five essay assignments: BTN Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and BTN Chapter 5 Essays.
Students are to revise and expand previous work for the final exam paper. Additionally, students are to give progress reports on their intentions and intermediate work. This is to help students to think about what they are going to do. Lastly, students are to summarize how their papers were revised and expanded.
Goal of Assignment
• Students are to pick one of the five writing assignments that they submitted earlier in the semester.
o If for some reason a student did not submit an assignment for a chapter, that chapter is not eligible for being the basis of the final exam paper.
• Depending on the chapter assignment that a student is picking, the student will have the following requirements.
o 3 Shorter Essays (two possible options)
 Revise three shorter essays and increase the length to a minimum of 800 works per essay.
 Revise one of the shorter essays and write an essay of minimum length of 2,400 words.
o 1 Longer Essay (one possible option)
 Revise your essay and write an essay of a minimum length of 2,400 words.
• Students may not revise parts of two different chapter assignments.
• Expansion of writing generally requires having fuller and deeper explanations and broadening what gets written about.
• The open-ended question(s) that were the basis of your original writing submission can be expanded to be a more general question or it may clarified; it may not be sustainably changed so that the essay would no longer be considered a revision.
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Assignment Components
• Part 1: Students announce which chapter essays they will revise for the final exam paper.
• Part 2: Students are to provide an explanation of what they plan to do to expand their paper.
• Part 3: A draft of their paper that starts to incorporate items listed in Stage 2 is submitted.
• Part 4: Students are to briefly summarize how they revised their paper from the draft version and also to summarize how the paper was revised from the original assignment.
• Part 5: Students are to provide their final exam paper.
Format Requirements for Part 2 and Part 4
• Use a word processing program to create a file format that is compatible with
Format Requirements for Part 3 and Part 5
• Write your essay(s) in MS Word or a word processing program that creates a file type acceptable to
• Formatting:
o Include your name, SID, email, date, assignment number and choice on a cover page.
o Include a word count on your paper.
o You may use footnotes or end-notes in your paper for you to tell your reader where your references are from.
• Do not use quotes of any kind; all writing has to be paraphrased. This is to prevent accidental plagiarism.
• Identify all your sources to the reader; make it easy for your reader to find the source him/herself.
• Use credible sources where ever possible; Wikipedia is less credible than
Writing Suggestions
• Consider using the website to evaluate your paper for plagiarism.
• The Purdue OWL website has many useful tips for writers.
• Read the WSJ article by Steven Pinker, The Source of Bad Writing, on Blackboard.
• The UA has a writing center at the Think Tank.
• Meet with a friend and read your paper out loud to your friend.
Expectations for Stage 2
• Stage 2 is to help the student plan their revision and to communicate what they expect the revisions to be.
• Students can provide an outline of how the paper will change.
• Students can provide descriptions of what arguments will be changed, or what new paragraphs will be created.
• The idea is for students to think about what they are going to do and be able to describe it.
Copyright © 2016 by A. B. Sugiyama, PhD. All Rights Reserved. Page 3 of 3
Expectations for Part 3/Draft Submission
• Although Part 2 and Part 3 are submitted at the same time,
• Students for Part 3 are required to submit a draft version of their final exam papers. This is for two purposes: first it will help students to proactively think about and plan their revisions and secondly it will help students to avoid compressing their time spent revising their paper into one single sitting.
• The expectation is that the draft will show some work that the student has made towards the revision and expansion of the essay(s). That is, students need to do more than just submit a plan for what they are going to do (which is described in Part 2). Students need to show that some work has been done.
Expectations for Part 4
This is an executive summary of the changes that have been made to the essay(s) that were turned in earlier in the semester.
Expectations for Part 5
The expectation is that a student makes his or her writing better. This means that the essay is longer and that the writing is clearer to the reader. Ideas should be explained and terms should be defined. The writing needs to be more than a series of statements without support.
Grading will be based on the quality of the revision and also students complying with the assignment directions. A low grade will be award to students who only do minor revisions to their original content and just expand their work by increasing its length.


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