BA 4060 Global Strategy

BA 4060 Global Strategy

Spring, 2016

Guideline on How to write the Case Write-up

This is an individual exercise (1) to write your own case study (6-8 pages) and (2) to write your own case analysis (2-4 pages) – for a combined total of 10 pages excluding the title page and any attachments, such as figures, tables, appendix, and references.

Your guiding question is: “How to solve a strategic problem in global strategy?” The first part will be a case study focusing on a hard-to-tackle strategic problem. Examples include: (1) How to enter a new foreign market? (2) How to divorce from our JV partner while minimizing the damage to our interests and reputation? (3) How to govern a newly acquired foreign company? (4) How to deal with some ethical dilemmas?

Try to follow the format of the cases that we study during the term, give enough details on the background of the firm, and focus on a difficult decision. This part should take approximately 6-8 pages. The second part will be your analysis and recommendations to these managers in terms of how to proceed, which should take about 2-4 pages (similar to your case analysis mentioned earlier) – at least 1 page should be devoted to recommendations. All together, the ideal length is 10 pages, excluding attachments such as figures and tables.

The best papers will show evidence of some investigative efforts-digging for more information, interviews/phone calls/emails with managers-and of synthesis and careful editing. They will also be insightful, going beyond the most obvious lessons to draw out the story behind the story.

The quality will be evaluated based on the grading criteria. Careful editing is expected. Simply “copy and paste” sections written by unknown authors from the website will result in a very poor grade.

Outside research is expected. Please properly document your sources either in footnotes/endnotes or in (author name, year) format with a reference list attached at the end of your work. Moreover,

  • One inch margins should be left on four sides of the paper, and the font size should be times new roman, 12 point;
  • On the title page, your name and email are required;
  • Also on the title page, include a 1-paragraph, double-spaced executive summary (less than 100 words);
  • Double space your main text (references and tables can use single space);
  • There is no length limitation about attachments (e.g., graphs, tables, and references). All attachments have to look professional and reasonable.

Evaluation Criteria for the Term Project

1).  Clarity of the story line 20 pts.
2).  Use of concepts and theories applied to the case 30 Pts.
3).  Logic flow and organization 20 pts.
4).  Reasonableness of analysis 30 pts.
5).  Appropriateness of recommendations/conclusions 20 pts.
Total 120 pts.

Grading rubric will be provided later on Canvus.

                                   How to solve a strategic problem in global strategy?

First part:

Example questions:

  1. How to enter a new foreign market?
  2. How to divorce from our JV partner while minimizing the damage to our interests and reputation?
  3. How to govern a newly acquired foreign company?
  4. How to deal with some ethical dilemmas?

My case study company is United States Steel Corporation (US Steel). U.S Steel has three operating product segments (sheet, tin, and tubular) which serves five markets are appliance, automobile, construction, energy, service center.

First paragraph: Focus on U.S Steel background, history, mission statement and operating locations.

Background information can be found from google, Wikipedia, U.S Steel website- got to about us- history and corporate profile

Background sources:

Currently business facilities operating locations:

Mission Statement can be found in 2014 annual report page 4- The Carnegie way is our frame work for who we want-and need-m to be as a company and how we can get there.

Second paragraph: Focus on company’s current standing such as profitability, global strategy and competition. Using charts and graphs.

U.S steel website has a lot of information under investors-annual report, which helps on market analysis, business strategy, future business trend, company financial situation such as net sales, sales by product segment, income loss from operations by segment, steel shipments by products(tons).

2014 annual report:

2015 annual report:

Both 2014 and 1015 annual report have a lot information in common.

2014 annual report: page 16- 20 steel industry background and competition (I think it is very important for you to structure this paper).

2014 annual report: page 31-40 risk factors concerning the steel industry such as increase of steel production from developing countries like China; compete from alternative material such as plastic, carbon fiber, composite (ceramic), aluminum; violations of international trade laws has huge impact on steel prices and demand levels and reduce profitability such as anti-dumping duties, and etc. (I think it is very important for you to structure company difficult decisions.)


Third Paragraph: Focus on examples questions


  1. How to enter a new foreign market?

I think U.S Steel should look for joint venture opportunities with foreign enterprises in order to enter new foreign markets. (You can use current facility locations from first paragraph to talk about where is the best location for U.S Steel to move into. I think Asia is the best place to enter because of the market size and steel consumption).   U.S Steel also has technology advantages to partner with steel companies from developing countries. U.S Steel should also look for new technology innovations from medium and small size enterprises when they want to partner with foreign enterprises because technology breakthrough usually occur from medium and small size companies( more synergy to innovate because of they need to survive.)

You can give some benefits of joint venture based on U.S Steel current standing (both financially and volume of production).

  1. How to divorce from our JV partner while minimizing the damage to our interests and reputation?

I think before partnering with JV partners, U.S Steel should ask consulting firms and law firms in order to have preparation on legal issues such as patents. Also, U.S Steel should holds more shares in the JV Company in order to have advantages on management. You can add more thoughts into this part.

  1. How to govern a newly acquired foreign company?

Follow local laws, corporate with JV partners and local government, having a good contract, understanding local culture, encourage employees, etc.

  1. How to deal with some ethical dilemmas?

U.S Steel should always focus on CSR (corporate social responsibilities), U.S Steel should use some of their experiments from U.S and Europe in new locations, and also learn new things from new locations. U.S Steel should also make a complete company rules and regulations.


Second part:


Fourth paragraph: Focus on analysis and recommendations.


Just summary the information above and add some your thoughts into this paragraph (if you have valuable ideasJ.



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