Computer Science: Storage Project

Computer Science: Storage Project

Company X is migrating their SAP system and their VDI systems.  Your assignment is to make a Total NEW END TO END design including Recoverability for this company.

The total environment is 150,000 IOPS   with 70 tb of storage.

There is no budget for this assignment.

You will need to produce end to end drawing of your configuration as well as a writing description of how it works. You will need ALL aspects of the datacenter that we have covered in the book.

The company DOES NOT WANT an EMC SAN but DOES want EMC Backup system.

You must provide the RTO and RPO that your system can handle.

They have 2 Datacenters Cincinnati and Louisville

Grading will be based on the total project and points will be deducted for missing information such as Cable types used or which zoneing type will be used.  This is an end to end design that included everything from this class.

If the question is “ should this be include.. the answer is yes”

They have purchased 6 dell power edge 700’s servers for this project already but no cards for connection or OS


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