Movie Review; Cultural Studies and Ethnic Studies

Movie Review; Cultural Studies and Ethnic Studies

Answer any ONE of the following questions.

Length: 4-5 pages

Font size: 12 points

Referencing: MLA or APA as long as you stick to one

Note: Your essay must draw on TWO films and THREE separate articles that have been studied in the course. It must demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of key issues and concepts and develop them creatively to give fresh insights. It should offer a comprehensive, logical, and concrete development of ideas. Your assumptions must be made explicit, backed by references to articles and films, and critically and convincingly interpreted. You must pay attention to sequences of ideas and transition between them. You must pay attention to grammar, syntax, and style of referencing.

Essay prompts:

1.How does cinema constitute a powerful medium for critiquing violation of human rights? Additionally, what tools do filmmakers use (symbols, images, sounds, silences, stories, the gaze, etc.) to underline their critique?
2.How and why have women’s bodies historically been targets of multiple forms of oppression and violence across the world?
3.Discuss the ways in which people find ways of breaking free from situations of oppression within which they are trapped due to gender, caste, race, ethnicity, religion, tradition, patriarchy, globalization, etc.
4.In their attempt to critiquing oppressive traditions, filmmakers have often been accused of orientalizing their countries. Would you agree / disagree?

If you need to watch the movie, please tell me, i can find for you, or you can find online. Movie’s name are: Raise the red lantern & Dirty Pretty things


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