FIN 527 Homework Problems, Spring 2016

  FIN 527 Homework Problems, Spring 2016


TEXT: An Introduction to Derivatives and Risk Management, 10thEdition, By Don M. Chance & Robert Brooks,South-Western Cengage Learning, 2015.

Chapter 4:Problem 7 (submit hand-written solution); prob. 8 (submit hand-solved solution); prob. 11 (submit hand-written solution for call price only); prob. 12 (submit hand-written solution); prob. 13 (submit software solution printout); prob. 16 (submit software solution printout); prob. 17 (submit hand-written solution).


Chapter 5:  Prob. 7a (submit hand-solved solution and software printout); prob. 9 (both hand-written and software solutions); prob. 15 (submit hand-solved solution); problems 17-20 (submit software solution printouts); prob. 23 (submit hand-solved solution).



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