BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation

BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation

Assessment Task 3

Build and support teams


  1. Review the simulated business documentation, including policies and procedures, in Appendix 1 ‘Max Lionel Realty’. Review templates contained in Appendix 2 ‘Templates’ for possible use or adaptation in completing assessment task requirements.
  2. Review completed work from Assessment Task 2.
  3. Review the scenario information below.
  4. Develop agenda for workshop and arrange time to meet with managers to workshop implementation of agent training. Arrange for the assessor to observe workshop.
  5. Lead team workshop with managers. Ensure you:
    • set and complete objectives for work shop; determine how to ensure effective training of agents
    • assign roles for each manager
    • model ethical behaviour and encourage ethical behaviour in team
    • use an appropriate leadership style to achieve objectives
    • discuss organisational requirements such as legislation
    • provide support for team as team generates ideas for how to produce effective training
    • model innovative methods to generate ideas for training agents and achieving training objectives, for example, brainstorming, fishbone diagrams, 8Ps, flowcharting
    • discuss, suggest, demonstrate and encourage innovative approaches
    • provide constructive criticism, advice
    • discuss leadership styles to be employed by managers in training
    • discuss budget for training
    • take notes from workshop to evidence participation.
  6. Submit documentation as per specifications below.


You are the Operations General Manager at Max Lionel Realty (MLR). You have initiated and begun implementation of a change strategy to improve organisational culture and ensure ethical and legal compliance of agents. Key outcomes of the strategy will be:

  • development of an ethics charter for the business based on WHS responsibilities and REIV Code of Conduct (completed in Assessment Task 2)
  • revisions made to existing policies and procedures to incorporate use of charter by agents (completed in Assessment Task 2)
  • training for managers and agents on use of charter, WHS responsibilities and legal/ethical responsibilities (partly completed in Assessment Task 2).

Managers have now been trained in WHS and ethics. It has been decided that managers will train their agents.

Training objectives for agents

●      Identify relevant legislation, standards codes, etc.

●      Fill out incident reports.

●      Perform risk assessment.

●      Fill in risk register.


●      Identify relevant legislation, standards codes, etc.

●      Use ethics charter: ensure clients, tenants etc are aware of charter (Revised customer service procedures mandate agents must ensure awareness).

●      Follow REIV code of conduct: ensure honesty.

●      Act in non-discriminatory manner with clients tenants.

Managers will be accountable for planning and delivering training, assessing individual competence, periodically reviewing effectiveness of training, and considering ethical and WHS performance as part of periodic agent performance management in accordance with company policy.

In addition to preferred suppliers, the following costs are associated with resources:

Resource Cost
Managers $120/hr
Training rooms $100/hr
Paper $0.50/sheet
Projector $100/day

All other training resources will be at your discretion and obtained in accordance with the MLR procurement policy.

You will need to:

  • meet with managerial team to discuss training and develop training/information sessions for agents according to agent needs
  • assign roles for training
  • demonstrate encouragement and support for team and create positive work environment
  • demonstrate innovative approaches
  • encourage innovative approaches to training.
  • prepare budget for team based on stated needs.



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