BUS 3203: Assessment Task 3: STRATEGIC BUSINESS PLAN

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WORTH:                                                       30% of Final Grade 

MARKS AVAILABLE:                    100 (to be shown as a percentage) 

DUE DATE:                                                  STRICTLY Thursday (End of week 14) 

PAGE COUNT:                                            Approximately 10 pages (or more)           

CONDITIONS:                                             This is a Group assessment task. 

Tasks must be handed in by the deadline. Failure to submit on time will result in a deduction of 10% for each day over the deadline.

First drafts are not permitted. Any questions regarding the explanation of the project and the requirement are only allowed.


HONESTY POLICY:           Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated within HCT. Academic dishonesty includes cheating, plagiarism (copying) or any other attempt to gain an academic advantage in a dishonest or unfair manner. Breaches of the Academic Honesty Policy will result in dismissal from HCT. 

Page Length Section Titles Contents
Part 1
1page Table of Contents1 mark
1page Executive Summary1 mark A concise summary of the major points to be found in the report.
1 – 2 pages  Organizational Structure

5 marks

A schematic diagram of the team’s organization with names and titles of each of the team members. 

A very brief rationale for the structure chosen, along with 2 to 3 sentences describing each team member’s corporate responsibilities in the simulation.

Part 2: Before the START (at round 0) of the Simulation
2 – 3


Situation Analysis2 marks

2 marks









3 marks

8 marks

4 marks


1.     Industry.

·      Discuss the competitive situation of your market place.

·      Describe your companies ‘competitive advantage’ in the marketplace.


2.       Your Company.

·      Identify 3 ratios which may prove to be significant.

·      Describe current conditions – SWOT analysis. At least 2 examples of each.

·      Discuss at least 2 significant issues and problems which must be faced.

2 – 3


Strategic Plan2 marks



2 marks



12 marks

(3 marks each)

1.       Mission Statement.  The organization’s purpose and what it wants to accomplish as an organization (approximately 100 words).


2.       Define which overall strategy your company will follow and provide rationale for that choice.


3.     Outline your long-range objectives (4 years) and the proposed strategies for the major functional areas:

·      Production: capacity, production lines (investments), contract manufacturing, distribution, inventory

·      R & D: product range, features, in-house development, buying technology

·      Marketing: advertising budget, promotion and pricing

·      Finance: capital funding and dividends



Part 3: After the completion of YEAR 4 (Round 4) of the Simulation
3 – 4


Situation Analysis8 marks



16 marks






6 marks


12 marks


4 marks


1.    Industry. Briefly analyze your main competitors’ performances – how and why, in your opinion, they succeeded or failed.


2.    Your Company. In detail, analyze the performance and financial health of your company in relation to your main competitors.


Your analysis of the abovementioned should cover marketing, production and finance and use graphs, charts and tables where appropriate.


3.    Briefly analyze the previously identified financial ratios (how they changed)


4.    Describe current conditions – SWOT analysis. At least 3 examples of each.


5.    Significant issues and problems which must be faced in the future




Projected Strategic Plan10 marks




1.       Outline your objectives for the next 3 years and the proposed strategies for the major functional areas (next 3 years).

  2 marks Overall format of report


Guidance for writing the “long-range objectives (4 years) and the proposed strategies for the major functional areas”:


For example:


A marketing objective may be to:

  • Increase awareness of our new products to 15% by the end of the fifth year.


The strategy to achieve this could be:

  • Increasing promotion budget whenever we sell new Tech or add new features to our products.
Work type: Business plan
Subject or discipline: Business Studies
Number of sources: 5
Provide digital sources used: No
Paper format: MLA
# of pages: 7
Spacing: Double spaced
# of words: 1925
# of slides: ppt icon 0
# of charts: 0
Paper details: Our professional writer on business studies “strategy, marketing, production, finance, demand, research & development (R&D), logistic, tax, finance … etc” understand these requirements;This report has to do with the following web:
http://www.sim.cesim.com, I finished three round (my result in the attached with the name cesim) and still one more round and after plying four round I have to write the report as it shown in the attached.

The attached which called cesim after round 3 represent my position and its still one final round.
The attached which called assessment 3 represent the requirement for the report.

Comments from Support Team:

Round 1

Market outlooks  
The demand for mobile handsets in all three markets is expected to grow quite rapidly as customers believe that an increase in competition will lead to lower prices. Analysts are expecting that sales growth will be very strong in all markets. Asia is forecasted to experience growth within a range of 25-30%, Europe within 6-10%, and the USA within 15-20% for the round. A market research report by Tecno Analytics Inc. (TA) found that especially in Europe and Asia, the hype around the next generation of handsets (Tech 2) is driving customers peanuts, according to CEO Bruce Summersteen. TA provided 100 Asian and 100 European hardcore technology consumers with Tech 2 handsets for a week to evaluate the feasibility of introducing the new technology to the market. Two weeks after the experiment, the group was called back and all but two in the test groups were exhibiting serious WITHDRAWAL symptoms. The most common symptoms were nausea, depression, sleeping disorders, loss of appetite, weight loss, and headaches.
Political tensions between USA and the government of China have caused the tariffs for American goods exported to the Asian continent to almost double from $7 per handset last year to $12 this year. There are no notable changes in production costs.
The European Union has reached a common tax agreement unifying corporate tax rates at 31% throughout Europe. Economists believe that Europe is jeopardizing its already shaky position in the global marketplace by further increasing its high tax level. The Euro is expected to fall.



Round 2


Market outlooks  
Due to sudden breakthroughs in network technology, Europe and USA are now able to support Tech 4 mobile phones. The R&D expenses for developing the new technology are believed to be enormous. The phenomenal growth experienced last year seems to be slowing down a bit. However, growth is expected to remain strong at least for a couple of years. Demand growth in USA is estimated to be between 7-10%, in Asia between 17-20%, and in Europe roughly 5%. Tecno Analytics Inc., the research group, believes Tech 2 is now more attractive than ever, particularly in Asia.
Last week the United States matched the tariff for Asian goods imported to the US at $12 per handset in an effort to offset the building trade imbalance. William Cotledge at the Foundation for a Less Uncertain Tomorrow (FLUT), the Washington, D.C., headquartered think tank, commented on the current world order: “in our view, it is quite possible that the situation may escalate further in the next few years.” A reliable source suggests your competitors are building factories in Asia to offset the effects of the current foreign trade situation. There are new players in the sourcing market and thus, outsourcing capacity is up by 9%. At the same time, production costs are up 2%.
USA and Asia have in turn increased their corporate tax rates to 38% and 18%, respectively. The European Union has reached a common tax agreement unifying corporate tax rates at 31% throughout Europe. Economists believe that Europe is jeopardizing its already shaky position in the global marketplace by further increasing its high tax level. Euro reverses its downturn against both the USD and RMB.

Round 3

Market outlooks  
Civil war has erupted in Oilistan, known for its vast natural resources. Rebels in the relatively poorer northern territory have kidnapped high-ranking government officials. The southern territory has begun military operations as retaliation. As a result, the flow of oil has been cut off to foreign countries. 5000 UN peacekeepers have been dispatched to cool down the situation. Demand growth has slowed down as the global political uncertainty has caused investors and consumers alike to worry. Growth in the USA is estimated to be slightly positive, in Asia between 5-8%, and negative in Europe which was affected most heavily by the disruption in the flow of oil.
The war caused a surge in oil prices which in turn has stepped up transportation costs by almost 15%. The increase in oil prices is expected to extend to production and outsourcing costs as well, but to a more limited extent. Economists at Gloomburg.com believe the situation in Oilistan will be settled soon, and with it the oil price will level off once again. Outsourcing capacity has again risen by 13% in the USA and 10% in China.
A tax reform in China causes the corporate tax rate to rise to 19%. The Euro is expected to fall dramatically against the USD whereas the RMB should strengthen when compared to the USD. The European Central Bank has raised its interest rates by 0.5% in order to cut off the devaluation of the euro. In US and China the interest rates remain unchanged for the moment.


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