Individual Assignment

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Individual Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide the students the opportunity to carry out the full scope of a Statistical Process Control procedure, on a real-world business process of their own choosing. The assignment, and the deliverable report, comprise the following parts.

Process: Describe a business and a business process you have chosen for this assignment. You can use ideas from the examples covered in class or the end-of-chapter problems. Be sure that you can gain thorough knowledge of the process and that you have access for data collection through observation or by taking measurements. [10 marks]

CTQ: Describe a critical-to-quality characteristic of the output of the process, which could be either a product or a service. Explain why such characteristic is critical, in your judgement. [10 marks]

SPC Type: Inform and justify your selection of an appropriate SPC type for controlling the CTQ of your choice. [10 marks]

Data: Collect appropriate sample data for the CTQ variable or attribute, as well as the sampling plan you have adopted.  Depict your data in a tabular form. [10 marks]

Analysis: Calculate SPC parameters, and construct the control chart(s) by plotting. Represent you sample data on the charts. [20 marks]

Conclusion: Discuss the control charts you have constructed and draw conclusions with respect to process stability. [10 marks]

Recommendations: Given the state of the process, which you have investigated, what improvement recommendations you can offer to the process owner or operator? Your analysis will be expected to apply critical thinking and understanding of the subject. [20 marks]

Style: Your report must be prepared per APA format, be concise, business-like, proof-read and to the point. Excluding cover sheet, your paper should be 3 pages. Additional penalties will apply for grammatical or spelling errors.  [10 marks]



Please upload one single file to the designated drop box on UCW’s Moodle-TurnItIn platform, before due date.  Late submissions will be declined.

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