Help me with Week 4 Discussion

Create your own simple and unique Web application form. The form should include at least 2 different input types such textfield, textarea, radio button, check box, select (drop-down menu) and others of your choice.

Your form should use a post method to submit. A PHP file should be used to retrieve the data for each field and display the results.

Include the HTML and PHP code in your submission as well as screen captures demonstrating the successful running of your application.

Experiment with other student code submissions by enhancing their forms by adding other fields and show the results.

ALL about is done but just need to respond to at least 2 other students which is in bold above. Here is the information form them.

1.) Week 4 Discussion – Joe Moschler

For this week’s discussion, I used a basic user input form and then passed the parameters via POST method to the backend php file. I also utilized the select control and radio buttons to collect gender and title in the form as well. Lastly, I added calendar control to collect a birth date and output what day of the week the user was born on.

The HTML/PHP files as well as screen shots are also attached for review.

Screen Shots:

All parts of Joe Moschler’s discussion are in a zip file attached!

2.) Week 4 – Online survey

Ye Kim posted Sep 14, 2016 9:30 PM


For this discussion I made a short survey about Pokemon GO, because I had previously created a Pokemon GO Java survey app for a CMIS 242 discussion but what I really had in mind was an online web survey. This survey uses radiobuttons, checkboxes and drop-down menu and displays your submitted results in a table.


All parts of Ye Kim’s discussion are in a zip file attached!